10 hours of the Chandigarh-Manali national highway were lost due to a rockslide.

A massive rockslide at 7 Meel in Mandi district, creates a long traffic jam on both sides . Light vehicles were diverted to Kataulas Mandi-Kullu bypass road, but heavy vehicles remained stuck the whole day .

MANALI (MANDI): On Friday, the Chandigarh-Manali national highway was completely blocked after a massive rockslide at 7 Meel in Mandi district, creating a long traffic jam on both sides.Around 9 a.m., a rocklide occurred, and police stopped all vehicular traffic on both sides of the slide.The light vehicles were diverted to Kataula's Mandi-Kullu bypass road, but the heavy vehicles, including buses and trucks, remained stuck the whole day.Around 7 p.m., traffic resumed, thanks to boulder removal and the gradual mountain face becoming more stable.

The road is now open.Before, light vehicles were being diverted to the Kataula bypass road.Cops have been stationed at various locations throughout the region to ensure smooth movement.According to the police, drivers are encouraged to stay in their lanes and not to cause a jam by overtaking the queues.