10 people, including top militants, are killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza.

Israeli aircraft strikes Gaza and Palestinian militants fire rockets at Israeli cities . Palestinian health ministry says nine more Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes .

On Saturday, Israeli aircraft struck Gaza and Palestinian militants fired rockets at Israeli cities, bringing an end to more than a year of relative calm along the border.Israel reported on Friday that it had launched a special assault against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, killing one of its top commandants in a surprise daytime air strike on a high-rise building in Gaza City.According to the Palestinian health ministry, the Israeli strikes killed nine more Palestinians, including at least four Islamic Jihad militants and a child, and injured 79 others.The Israeli military said it had apprehended 19 Islamic Jihad militants in overnight raids in the occupied West Bank.

The bulk of the missiles were intercepted, and a few people were mildly wounded as they rushed to shelters.According to a Palestinian official familiar with the initiatives, Egypt, the United Nations, and Qatar have begun mediated an end to the violence, but there has yet to be a breakthrough, according to the official.Israels attacks were condemned by a Palestinian Authority official backed by the Western world.On Twitter, civil affairs minister Hussein al-Sheikh said that we want the international community to intervene and provide support for our people.

Tensions increased this week after Israeli forces arrested an Islamic Jihad leader in the West Bank, unleashing threats of revenge from the group.Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said Friday's strikes stopped an imminent and concrete assault by Islamic Jihad.Since May 20, the frontier had been largely calm, with 11 days of ferocious fighting between Israel and the Taliban killing at least 250 people in Gaza and 13 in Israel.