12 people were hurt when two buses collided head-on on the Howrah Bridge.

Two buses collided head on on Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, India, on Thursday morning . Four people were critically ill, four critically injured, police say .

Kolkata (India) — Twelve people were hospitalized, four of whom were critically ill, on Thursday morning when two private buses collided head on in the middle of the Howrah Bridge in peak business hours.Police say the consequences may have been worse if the two drivers didn't scramble at the last minute.The two drivers' cabins were the most vulnerable to the shock, with one of the drivers being trapped inside and being severely injured.The incident resulted in a significant jam on the bridge and the highways leading to it, with the whole area being jammed for almost one-and-a-half hours.Both the buses had jumped their lanes and crossed the opposite flank, according to cops from the North Port police station and the Howrah Bridge traffic guard, who watched CCTV footage.

The bus on Route 59 (Howrah Bakultala to Esplanade), heading toward Kolkata, had overtaken other buses heading towards Burrabazar.On its way to the Howrah station stand, the Route 24B Barafkol-Howrah bus was attempting to overtake buses.According to a Port division officer, the two collided as their speed was above average.With efforts of Kolkata Police and Howrah City Police, two wreckers were required, and the buses could be tow away around 25 minutes later.

The victims, who most commonly sustained injuries on their heads, face, arms, and shoulders as a result of being thrown forward, were rushed to the Howrah district hospital, where they were released after first-aid treatment.Most with head injuries have been monitored by the hospital superintendent, Narayan Chatterjee.Rabi Biswas, a Route 59 bus passenger who boarded from Danesh Sk Lane, said the driver had started driving rashly from Bankim Setu.I was kicked forward when I heard a booming rumble.

Both buses will be tested by police.The 24B driver claimed that his steering wheel got jammed, but a cop said there is no evidence so far.Both buses broke several rules, according to a cop.To mark the two flanks, police are planning to reinstall spring posts.