12-Year-Old Boy Who Was Bullied In School Receives Warmth Letter And Gift From Paul Rudd

Brody Ridder, 12, was mocked in class and kids refused to sign his yearbook . His mother Cassandra Cooper shared the story on Facebook .

After learning that Brody Ridder, a 12-year-old boy, had been mocked in class and that kids had refused to sign his yearbook, Hollywood actor Paul Rudd recently reached out to him.Cassandra Cooper, the mother of the seventh-grader, revealed that Mr Rudd sent Brody a note along with a signed helmet.It's important to keep in mind that even when life gets rough, things get better.There are so many people who adore you and think you're the coolest kid there are, including me!Mr Rudd wrote in the letter that I cant wait to see all the amazing things you're planning on accomplishing.

On the helmet, the actor said, I love my dear friend Brody for the time he takes on the world.She then shared her son and Paul Rudds Facetime call on Facebook, saying, Much was amazing happened today!Brody had a chat with Paul Rudd!ANT-MAN This is life in the real world, just like this.

Brody was so excited!Ms Cassandra first posted about the yearbook tragedy in late May, after picking up her son at school one day, according to.Despite brody's asking for all kinds of children to sign it, she discovered that only two teachers and a total of two students wrote in his yearbook, despite her telling her son had been abused.Brody was pushed by children and called him names, she said.

Thousands of others have also been affected by the boys' story, according to her.A school in the United States banded together to publish Brodys' yearbook.Brody was invited to New York City to see the show and asked that he bring his yearbook with him so they could sign it.For more trending news click here.