13 people are killed as police and gang suspects fight in western Mexico.

Gunfight kills four police officers and nine alleged gang members in Jalisco state of Mexico . Bodies of nine people found inside building after shooting .

GUADALAJARA, GUADALAJARA (GUADALAJARA): Authorities in Mexico's western state of Jalisco said Thursday that a gunfight killed four police officers and nine alleged gang members.The battle took place on Wednesday night at a house in El Salto, on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara, and lasted more than an hour, according to witnesses.According to state prosecutors, the bodies of nine people were discovered inside the building after the shooting.One woman was in the hospital at the time.

Several people were arrested, and weapons and ammunition was confiscated.Official statistics indicate that ten police officers were killed this year in Jalisco, one of Mexico's most violent states due to the presence of criminal cartels.The western area of the country, one of the nation's richest, is the cradle of the powerful Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which authorities blame for a lot of deaths and disappearances.Nemesio El Mencho Oseguera, the country's leader, is one of the world's most wanted drug lords, with the US Drug Enforcement Administration promising $10 million to prevent him from entering the country.