14 doctors are appointed in rural regions by the Nashik district health office.

For 11 months, the district health office appoints 14 doctors in rural hospitals . Up to 20 doctors attended a walk-in recruitment process for doctors who provide services to the people in rural areas .

NASHIK (NASHIK) — For 11 months, the district health office appoints 14 doctors in primary health centers and sub-district hospitals.For doctors who were able to provide their services to the people in the rural areas, a walk-in recruitment process was undertaken.After the contract of some doctors was over and a few others had left the hospital for better opportunities, district health officer Dr Kapil Aher said the recruitment process was initiated.We decided to start the hiring process, in the case we had 14 vacant positions, and chose the district collector as the president.

According to the DHO, they were given details of the procedure and the responsibilities they must take up as medical officers in rural areas.Candidates who consent to take up the position are expected to work at the organization in which they have been appointed, and if they do not, they are likely to be prosecuted.According to Aher, there are nine vacant positions in three sub-district hospitals, two in Chandwad and one in Kalwan, two rural hospitals in Nandgaon and Umrane, and nine PHCs.Two postgraduate students were recruited at the SDHs, and 12 MBBS pass-outs were recruited at the primary health centers (PHCs) as part of the process.

The rural health department is built on the primary health centers, which provide free services to the rural areas of the district.It also runs a vaccination program.The primary health centers and medical officers were integral in providing services to the people in Covid care centers in rural areas during the Covid period.