1,600 infrastructure projects are postponed, the Center informs the legislature.

721 projects were postponed out of 1,568 proposals as of June . The ministry of statistics and programme implementation said 721 were delayed .

NEW DELHI: The ministry of statistics and programme implementation informed the House that out of the 1,568 central sector infrastructure projects under scrutiny by the government, 721 (46%) were delayed as of June.The ministry of petroleum has 91 (65%) delays out of 139 projects, followed by the ministry of railways with 127 (60%) projects delayed out of 211; and the ministry of road transportation and highways has 301 (36%) projects delayed out of 843 projects.Based on the data collected by the project implementing agencies on an online computerized monitoring system (OCMS), the Infrastructure and Project Monitoring Division (IPMD) of MoSPI is required to monitor central sector infrastructure projects costing Rs 150 crore and more.In his response to the Rajya Sabha, junior MoSPI minister Rao Inderjit Singh said that the ministry's OCMS program had 1,568 central sector infrastructure projects with a planned completion cost of around Rs 26.54 lakh crore as of June 1.

While quoting the list of the top 20 projects with the most delay, the minister stated that the reasons for time overruns are project-specific, depend on a variety of technical and administrative factors, and they differ from project to project.However, the main causes of the projects' delay are: law and order issues, delays in land acquisition, delays in environmental and forest clearances, funding issues, relocation and resettlement issues, local bodymunicipal permissions, utility relocation, and contractual issues, according to the project's OCMS portal.On the list of top 20 projects with the most up-to-date information, one finds a railway sector project in Karnataka's Bangalore-Satyamangalam segment at the top with a target date of completion of March 2028, whereas the initial date of completion was March 2002.The list of top 20 impending projects includes a multi-state project of the petroleum sector, in addition to railways, power, coal, and an atomic energy project.