20 acres of mangroves in Uran were cut down for truck parking in Navi Mumbai.

Environmentalist D Stalin has lodged an urgent complaint to Raigad district collector and other state authorities . Land sharks are reclaiming the CRZ area violently, says Stalin .

D Stalin, an environmentalist and member of the Bombay high court-appointed mangroves restoration commission, has lodged an urgent complaint to the Raigad district collector and other state authorities about the inadvertent destruction of mangroves in Dhutum, Uran taluka, for creating a parking bay.The environmentalist has urged the state government to restore the CRZ land to its original state.Viewpointed from The current illegal activities in Dhutum, Uran taluka, where mangroves are being cut is disturbing, since land sharks are reclaiming the CRZ area violently.All mangroves must be handed over to the state forest department immediately so that they can be properly managed and protected.

I have visited Dhutum, where we encountered illegal land fills over mangroves in order to create a reclaimed space for illegal container parking.We have also sent videos and GPS-tagged photos to the government so they can take steps against the culprits and restore the mangroves on this site, said Stalin, who is also the president of a Vanashakti NGO.You can also see fresh mangrove cuttings.The site is being converted into a truckcontainer parking lot, and regular reclamation is being undertaken.

Please seize the vehicles and also restore the site and the mangroves on the property.CIDCO and the occupants of the property should be brought in the appropriate manner by the statute.In Stalin's complaint letter, he said that FIRs against unknown individuals are inadmissible.Land sharks have damaged wetlands and mangroves in a number of places in Uran, according to Nandakumar Pawar of Shree Ekvira Aai Pratishthan.