2,419 more cases of Covid-19, 2 additional fatalities

Delhi reported 2,419 Covid-19 cases on Friday, bringing the total number to 19,64,793 . The happiness rate has increased to 12.95 percent .

On Friday, Delhi reported 2,419 Covid-19 cases, bringing the total number to 19,64,793.For the third day in a row, the city reached the 2,000 mark.According to the latest state health department bulletin, two more deaths were recorded in the capital, bringing the total death count to 26,327.The happiness rate has increased to 12.95 percent.

701 cases are active in the United States.The city reported 2,202 cases and four deaths on Thursday, with the positivity rate at 11.84%.Delhi recorded 2,073 cases on Wednesday, the highest number in the last six months, according to health specialists.The prevalence of coronavirus is expected to increase for a few more days.

During the third wave of the outbreak, the number of daily Covid-19 cases in Delhi hit a record high of 28,867 on January 13.On January 14, the city had a 30.6% increase in optimism.