27 bikes were burned when an electric vehicle dealership caught fire.

Fire engulfed electric vehicle showroom in Nanded, India, early Friday morning . Firefighters said it took them half an hour to douse the fires .

Aurangabad, India: Early on Friday morning, a fire at an electric vehicle showroom in Nanded, about 285 kilometers from here, not only destroyed the cars, but also put two patients in danger, one of whom was admitted to a maternity hospital in the same building.Authorities said it was the right move by the gynaecologist who rushed to the hospital after learning of the fire and delivered the two patients.Authorities said the fire brigade department's prompt response saved the hospital from an accident around 6 a.m. when morning walkers noticed fumes coming from the locked showroom.They alerted local police and the fire brigade corpse, who rushed to the scene, saying that everything in the showroom had either melted or had been reduced to dust before they reached the point.

Raees Pasha, a Nandeds firefighter, told NBC News that there is no consensus on the source of the fire.It could be caused by a short circuit in the showroom's power supply or even in one of the bikes, according to police inspector Nitin Kashikar, who has launched a probe into the situation.We are sending an email to all the departments concerned and will seek an expert's input before reaching a conclusion on the fire that engulfed the entire showroom.The officer said that the police are also monitoring the CCTV video of the cameras installed in and around the area to rule out sabotage.