3 kids are killed when their father shoves them into a well.

Hithesh Shettigar, 42, charged with pushing his three children into a well . Rashmitha, 13, Uday,11, and Deekshith, 4, died in Mangaluru .

Mangaluru (Mangaluru): After allegedly pushing his children into a well, causing them to drown, a father of three children has been charged with murder.On Thursday, he was charged with pushing his wife into a well and then jumping into the well himself near his house in Mulki police station boundaries.Rashmitha,13, Uday,11, and Deekshith,4 are the deceased.Hithesh Shettigar,42, a resident of Padmanur, Mulki, was arrested by police, but his partner Lakshmi and the accused perished.

According to the DCP, the preliminary investigation revealed that the incident occurred after the children returned from school.Since there was no one at home, the accused grabbed his children near a well and pushed them into it.His wife returned at 5.30pm and, fearing for the children, she began looking for them.When she asked her husband where the children were, he showed her the well.

She screamed, and the accused reportedly lifted her, threw her into the hole, and then jumped into it.The husband and wife were rescued by neighbours who rushed to the scene.The children were rushed to the hospital and later were pulled out of the well and rescued.According to reports, financial hardship may have compelled the accused to take the next step.

He wanted to start selling tender coconut, but the idea fell flat.His wife was a domestic help.After a postmortem, the children's bodies will be handed over to the family.The accused's wife is in a state of shock.