30 years in prison for sex crimes for singer R Kelly

R. Kelly was convicted of racketeering in September .

In a tweet, US attorneys office for the Eastern District of New York announced that R. Kelly, a disgraced R&B musician, was sentenced to 30 years in jail for leading a decades-long campaign to recruit and trap teenagers and women for sex in Brooklyn, a year after being found guilty by a New York jury in September.The judge said that Kelly's conduct was brazen, cynical, controlling, and coercive.Prosecutors argued that Kelly has never demonstrated remorse or appreciation for the rules, and that his lawyers preferred a shorter sentence of about 17 years to be delivered to a trial in Chicago on August 15, highlighting a pattern of sexual harassment committed by Kelly for decades, including rape, opioid use, drugging, prison, and child pornography.Before that trial, many people said Kelly was convicted of racketeering, a federal offense committed