5 years ago, a man lost his nose ring. He Found It In His Lung

Joey Lykins, 35, thought the ring had fallen out while he was asleep . He had given up and replaced it after five years .

A piercing enthusiast in the United States discovered a nose ring he lost five years earlier in an odd location, his lung.Joey Lykins, 35, thought the ring had fallen out while he was asleep.According to a journal in, he didnt know it had been lodged in his lung for all those years.According to the outlet, he had given up and replaced the nasal ornament.

I looked everywhere.I flipped the bed over.I did everything, according to the Associated Press.The man rediscovered the ring in a painful way.

Mr Lykins said that I was coughing so hard that it hurt my back.I felt like something was blocking my airways, and I thought I was sick.He was admitted to a hospital where the doctors initially assumed that these were the warning signs of pneumonia.However, the X-ray shocked them when they discovered a 0.6 inch nose ring embedded inside his upper left lobe lung.I had an X-ray and the doctor came in and showed me the picture and said, oh, you've got to be kidding me I've been searching for it, he said.The man was lucky that the ring did not fracture his lung.Mr Lykins has kept the X-ray images as proof for those who doubted the whole thing.