50 years of M: The world's most exciting birthday!

BMW M GmbH division will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022 . BMW Motorsport GmbH was established in 1972 with just 35 employees and a single goal: to produce the worlds best sports cars .

India Gurugram (Haryana) India (BusinessWire India June 24: The legendary BMW M GmbH division will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022, and BMW India intends to take adrenaline to the next level.BMW Motorsport GmbH was established in 1972 with just 35 employees and a single goal: to produce the worlds best sports cars.The production of these iconic M Editions, special M Accessories reminiscing about the famous brand, exciting launches, and emotional campaigns have been launched.The BMW 3.0 CSL made its debut in the Touring Car Championship in October 2008 and dominated the European Championship for the next six years.

Since then, BMW M GmbH has embarked on a remarkable journey, fueling BMW by developing high-performance track-dominating vehicles.M is the world's greatest letter, according to Vikram Pawah, President of BMW Group India, and it is stronger than ever in its 50th anniversary.BMW M is a design that seamlessly blends power, agility, and precision while remaining suitable for everyday use, as inspired by motorsports.Regardless of how unique the cars and their drivers are, we all love the faster heartbeat, the excitement, and goose bumps that come with them.

We're also thrilled to share that we'll have BMW M Certified dealerships available later this year, a one-stop shop for an unrivaled purist experience.This jubilee is most commemorative of drivers, their companies, and all M enthusiasts.Customers will have the opportunity to express both their passion for motorsports and their appreciation of tradition in ten distinct 50 Jahre M Editions.Special editions of the popular M lineup, such as the BMW M340i, BMW M4, BMW M5, will steal the limelight.

These limited-edition models will be available only online at shop.bmw.in.The first model to be unveiled would be a standout BMW M 340i xDrive, which has been wildly popular.It is India's first high-performance BMW with an M engine, which is locally produced at BMW Group Plant Chennai.This vehicle has the essence of the BMW 3 Series, enhanced power of M, and BMW xDrive's driving capabilities.

For selected models, iconic and historically significant BMW M paint finishes and upholstery choices will also be provided.The various BMW M eras are represented by distinctive colors like Dakar Yellow, Fire Orange, Daytona Violet, Macao Blue, Imola Red, and Frozen Marina Bay Blue.Customers will gain a distinctive style to every detail with three captivating 50 Jahre M Edition accessories packages that will be available at a competitive launch price.With exterior accessories such as a Rear Spoiler in Matt black, Side Sill Transfers in Matt Black, and Key Fob, the Racers Pack is the perfect choice for those who like greater muscle control in their cars.

It also includes M Performance Steering Wheel, Selector Gear knob in Alcantara, and a Matt Black rear spoiler, to name a few.The Carbon Pack has been designed to give the car a smoky racing feel inside out.The list includes interior trims in Carbon Fibre, M Performance Steering Wheel, Selector Gear knob in Carbon Fibre, and Rear Spoiler in Carbon Fibre, among other items.The pairing of packagesaccessories will differ from one model to another.

Customers who choose a BMW M vehicle, special M Edition versions, or a model equipped with an M Sport package will see their front, rear, and wheel hubs decorated with M emblems based on the iconic BMW Motorsport logo.It represents a love of racing and the roots of the BMW M brand, as an alternative to the standard BMW logo.On the BMW Motorsport GmbH rally car in 1973, the BMW logo with the shifted semicircles in blue, violet, and red was first introduced.The three colour stripes slanted to the right and extended on the letter M in 1978, with the introduction of the BMW M1.

In India, BMW will also offer M Certified Dealerships, where fans can purchase all M under one roof.These dealerships will be branded with M's flair, offering the classic feel and ultimate high-performance experience that is associated with the brand.Facebook is a social network.Instagram:.