A 14-year-old boy kills himself

Ashish Rawal, 14, hanged himself at his home in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, India . His mother discovered him unconscious on a couch and his sister was attempting to revive him .

Ahmedabad, India: On Thursday, a 14-year-old boy hanged himself at his home in Vastrapur.Ashish Rawal, a Class 10 student at House 13 in Rahul Flats near Nirman High School, was identified by police as a Class 10 student, according to police.When Ashish's mother, Pushpa Rawal, 39, and his elder sister, Priyanka, 17, were visiting their native area in Patan, they received a call from Pushpa, who said Ashish had committed suicide.She ran home and discovered Ashish lying unconscious on a couch, and Priyanka was attempting to revive him.

She noticed him hanging from the ceiling fan after opening it.She called for help and neighbours rushed in and tied Ashish's shirt to his body, and doctors said he was buried in Sola Civil Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.Pushpa said she did not know of any problems Ashish was having that may have prompted him to commit suicide.Investigators said they sent the body for a postmortem and reported an accidental death.