A 30-year-old man drowns in a canal, and the irrigation department refuses to turn off the water to search for his body.

Hardeep, 30, drowned in a canal in Bijnor, India, on Sunday . His relatives tried to get canal water and irrigation department to close feeder channels .

Bijnor, Sherkot: On Sunday, a man, named Hardeep, 30, drowned in a canal in the town of Bijnor, who was swimming.When the incident occurred, he was accompanied by his friends, Ankur Kumar, Pushpendra Singh, and two others.Hardeep drowned, his relatives tried to get the canal's water and irrigation department to close the feeder channels so that the body could be rescued, but their offer was rejected, according to the court.This created tension in the village, and the provincial armed constabulary (PAC) was sent to help maintain law and order.

Water from the canal is being blocked, according to Bijnor police superintendent of police Dharamveer Singh.We have deployed PAC on the spot.Together with the police, they are looking for him.The situation in the village has returned to normal.

As the five friends, all from Datiyana village in Muzaffarnagar district, fell into the river, several villagers who happened to be at the site rescued four of them, while Raman Kumar drowned.When the shooting took place, they had gone to the Mandawar area of Bijnor on Monday to take a bath in Ganga.