A 60k electric skateboard was created by a Manipur innovator.

Self-taught artist Nandalal has created a modified electric skateboard . The skateboard has a 45km-50km range after a full charge, which takes about four hours .

Imphal: The self-taught artist from Manipur has made headlines once more, this time with a modified electric skateboard.The skateboard, which Nandalal has dubbed personal electric vehicle (PEV), has a 45km-50km range after a full charge, which takes about four hours, and a maximum speed of 30km/h.The robot he created from YouTube videos can spray insecticides in the fields, a tool that greatly assisted his family of farmers, who live in the district of Bishnupur.He used his latest invention to drive to his college, which is 15 kilometers from his house.

I could relax and forget about my problems while riding my PEV, Nandalal explained.Nandalal said the idea came to him about six months ago, when he began to investigate and test.According to the founder, the money I spent on the first PEV cost me nearly Rs 60,000.The latest PEV weighs about 20 kilograms, has a steering wheel, and a dual 24Volt battery.

After deducting the 20% subsidy amount in equal monthly installments (EMI) over three years, I am able to begin repaying it.If I do not default on the EMI payments, the bank said it would consider raising the loan amount, he said.I would like to request a higher loan amount from the bank and the government so that I can begin mass production of the PEV.Moreover, if the government extends my repayment term and helps me in marketing, it will go a long way toward transforming me into a better thinker and entrepreneur, he said.

He hopes to produce more of these novel devices in the future.