A 63-year-old woman in Vadodara had a 6 kilogramme ovarian tumour removed.

Doctors said the 63-year-old woman had ignored the growing tumor for years . She had been losing weight steadily for the past few months and her tummy had increased in size .

VADODARA (viaduct): After doctors at a city-based hospital removed a 6kg non-cancerous tumor from her abdomen, a 63-year-old woman from Padra got a new lease of life.Doctors said the woman had ignored the growing tumor for years.As time passed the woman, who was alone, began to have mobility problems and became bedridden due to her medical condition.The elderly lady had been losing weight steadily for the past few months, and her tummy had evidently increased in size.

Dr. Niraj Chawda, MD at Nand Hospital, said she began having difficulties walking later on.The patient was undergoing a clinical and laboratory examination by Dr Chawda and Dr Yayati Dave.According to Dr Chawda, sonography revealed that she had a football-sized tumour.Her intestine had compressed and her heartbeats had decreased as a result of the presence of a tumour.

Dr. Dhruv Mehta, an anaesthetist, and the team treated the patient.The tumor was 17 cm wide and 24 cm long.When we opened her abdomen, it was completely tight.We couldn't see any other organs.

The patient, who underwent surgery on Monday, has recovered.Her physical health has improved after the tumor was removed, according to the doctor.