A Coach Who Cooks To Control Doping: Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma has worked hard for seven years to get rid of the doping epidemic . He has assembled a group of superstar athletes .

After winning her gold medal at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, Mirabai Chanu walked on the ringside of the stadium and in the corridors of NEC, displaying her newly acquired yellow metal from the Games.When Mira saw me, she flashed an adoring smile and joked, It's time for a pizza!Fans had already arrived from far corners, with boxes of pizza for the golden child.The Manipuri girl spent the greater part of the day talking to them and taking photos.

There were many takers, but not Mira herself, who had told her how much she wished for pizza after her Olympic silver.The coach does provide a slice of pizza every once in a while, but not when the source is unknown.Vijay Sharma has worked hard for seven years to get rid of the doping epidemic, knowing that it was the single biggest thing that would change the sport.He has made his group of girls and boys healthy eaters.Mira and his team's lifters are sore of consuming food from an unknown source.

We have control over camps.When they go home, trouble begins, and our hard work is slowed, says Sharma.Mira talks about how the coach cooks for his wards to keep them happy and dope-free.He used to cook for us regularly when we were in the United States during Olympic preparation, and now he does.The Dronacharya Award winner is also the most successful coach from this edition of the Commonwealth Games.In Birmingham, ten of his 15 lifters have won silver, and he has assembled a group of superstar athletes.The wrestlers' diet was lacking in protein.

There are also a few things that do not fall short.I had asked Injeti Srinivas, the then DG, to provide us with a separate room to prepare for the weightlifters.We ate dinner in Patiala, and he gave us a room.Here, the evolution began.I'm aided by our coaches and staff.

A sport that once was forbidden by the federation has slowly but surely emerged as a star.Weightlifting has been the most successful squad in this season of the Games, though Mira, Jeremy, and Achinta are still learning, according to the coach.Miras work ethic has a huge effect on the team.How was Vijay Sharma able to streamline the process?In the beginning, NADA and Federation had been helpful.

The samples had to be shipped overseas for inspection, which was becoming prohibitively costly.The number of tests had decreased.NADA is feared by the athletes.NADA has become an official body once more and is working closely with us.

Although counseling and evaluation are a part of the process, Vijay Sharma's method of controlling is incredibly unique.He is the best-known Indian coach who cooks to keep doping away, a simple solution to a disease that once threatened to threaten the sport of weightlifting.