A diarrhoea outbreak in Rajura Tehsil results in 4 deaths.

Devada primary health center registered around 100 patients . Local doctors blame contaminated water for outbreak .

Chandrapur, India: Four people died as a result of a diarrhoea epidemic in Devada village and the adjacent villages in Rajura tehsil.Devada primary health center (PHC) has registered around 100 patients.Hansraj Ahir, a former Union minister of state, inspected the villages and blamed the health department and the gram panchayat for the outbreak of the disease.The infection is attributed to contaminated and contaminated water being collected from taps, according to locals.

Dr. Vipin Kumar Odela, the PHC chief, said that patients come from Devada, Sondo, Dembhurwahi, and Siddheswar villages.So far, 97 cases of diarrhoea have been recorded.According to the doctor, three patients died in PHC, and the death of a fourth patient at home is being investigated.Eight patients from Devada are hospitalized.

Ahir claimed that the gram panchayat secretary has been absent from work for the past one month.There are two RO plants in the area, but one of them is out of order, and the gram panchayat hasn't paid attention to its replacement, he said.Doctors and nurses at the PHC are apparently not expected to perform their duties, according to the former minister.The entire PHC is managed by just one doctor.