A doctor in Karnataka is suspended for six months due to a failed operation.

Dr. Mohammed Irshad Ahmed's license halted for six months on June 4 .

BENGALURU (BENGALURU) – In a five-year-old medical malpractice lawsuit involving a knee-replacement procedure, the Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) halted Dr. Mohammed Irshad Ahmed's license for six months on June 4.Dr. Ahmed has been found guilty by the KMC of using inferior implants and failing to monitor his patients' progress.Shahida Khanum, an afflicted patient, died on April 21, 2013.Since the surgery, she was bedridden and unable to move or exercise.

She also contracted an infection.Instead of taking her to the operating room, the doctor hurriedly patched the stitches with a stapler in the ward.Khanum began to see black spots on her knees shortly after returning home.After Khanum was in pain in her knee, the couple went to an orthopaedic specialist.

Khanum was bedridden for the rest of her life.Her family believes her death is directly related to her deteriorating health after Dr. Ahmed performed her surgery.Khan, 80, has also filed a lawsuit in the consumer court, which is set to begin hearing on June 30.He is paralysed on his left side and has been running from pillar to post to get his wife justice.

Khan said, when asked if he was pleased with the punishment, he said: I do not want to comment on the KMC's order.Dr. Ahmed did not respond to calls and emails from patients.