A masked man stabbed a worker at a gas station.

Man stabbed multiple times at fuel station in Kandala, near Maranalloor . Left hand of 60-year-old almost cut off in attack .

Thiruvananthapuram: In the wee hours of Friday, a man was stabbed multiple times by an unknown individual at the Indian Oil Corporation's fuel station in Kandala, near Maranalloor.The left hand of the 60-year-old was almost cut off in the attack, and he sustained facial injuries as a result.His hand has been re-joined after surgery in a private hospital, and his health has improved, according to his relatives.Sukumaran of Kulangaramele Puthenveedu near Anamon near Koovalassery joined the fuel station just a few months ago.

Police started a case under section 307 of the IPC for a threat to murder, but are unsure of the attacker and the motive for the attack.The CCTV photos did not aid in identifying the attacker.However, he is now age 30 and his attack was a pre-planned and deliberate one.According to Santhosh Kumar, station house officer at Maranalloor police station, the probe is ongoing.

On Thursday, we all left at 11.30 p.m., and Sukumaran was on night shift.According to the uncle, the attacker must be from the area since he understood the routes clearly.Sukumaran was taken to the hospital by a truck driver who was parking nearby.Sukumaran reached the truck with a bleeding hand and demanded assistance because there were no people in the vicinity.Sukumaran is a married man and has two children under the age of 30.