A Prayagraj teacher becomes a green warrior and fights domestic garbage.

Evangeline Wilson recycles household waste like egg shells, tea leaves, and vegetable peels . The Prayagraj Municipal Corporation gave the teacher the Model Resident Award for her efforts .

Prayagraj: A city-based teacher has been a potent help in keeping her kitchen clean.Evangeline Wilson recycles household waste like egg shells, tea leaves, and vegetable peels in an environmentally friendly manner and uses them for better plant growth.The Prayagraj Municipal Corporation (PMC) recently gave theg reen warrior the prestigious Model Resident Award, Mumfordganj, for her efforts.Wilson, a biology instructor at a city-based prestigious inter college, recalls: When I was teaching my students a chapter on environmental issues about reuse, recycling and other beneficial practices as well as ways to reduce pollutants, an idea of reuse of empty kitchen materials emerged and I began to work on it.

I began to collect egg shells, tea leaves, ginger, garlic, and other leftovers and dumping it into a deep pit to make compost.It took a long time, but I was able to succeed in my endeavours, Wilson said.I decided to continue this and also encouraged others to do the same, Wilson said.Wilson said that since people usually throw water after washing the rice, pulse, and vegetables with water, I began collecting it and further using it for watering the plants.

According to a senior PMC official, Efforts of Wilson has served as a role model for people who work to protect the environment, and more people should take similar measures to make our environment cleaner and green.