A Russian missile has left a woman in Ukraine with only one memento of her late husband.

Vera Kosolopenko, 67, lost everything she loved to have been part of her husband . The missile landed in a flash in a leafy hamlet 26 kilometers north of Kharkiv .

Bezruky, Ukraine: The Russian missile turned Vera Kosolopenkos' small house into a smoky pyre that consumed the bible and all of her other treasured memories of her late husband.I've lost everything that connected me to him, she wept on Saturday as she stood by the smoldering remains of the house that had been destroyed by the missile a day earlier.The only image on his gravestone I have is the picture.The 67-year-old widow is lucky to be alive.She and two friends were enjoying tea outside the house when the missile struck the roof, she said.

It was enthralling, according to locals, as the missile was one of five that landed in a flash in a leafy hamlet 26 kilometers north of Kharkiv, close to where Ukrainian forces had driven Russian forces that attempted to overrun the country's second-largest city in Moscow's February 24 invasion.But locals said they would occasionally deploy vehicles to patrol the narrow dirt tracks before being chased back by the nearly two-week-old Ukrainian counteroffensive.Bezruky has been under constant shellfire that has destroyed or harmed many of the towns.During the Reuters trip, the foes were fighting artillery duels along the rutted gravel road leading to the village.A small trench and bunker were visible in the trees that line the verges.

Since the war began, there has been no electricity or bottled gas.She has largely lived on humanitarian aid and eggs supplied by a few chickens, and she cooked in her backyard over a fire lit by a homemade oven made of many bricks and metal sheets, according to Kosolopenko.When she arrived at her house in January, she and her colleagues escaped into a brick-lined cellar dug on the side of her house, where they were being cared for a stroke and her host for high blood pressure, according to Alla Bazarnaya, 40.The firefighters told her that there was shelling and that they couldn't get here.

They could have put out the fire on the second floor and sank the ground floor if they had earlier.The fires set her house and storeroom to fire-blackened shells, leaving the backyard carpeted with charred rubble and ash.There was only cinderblock and brick walls remaining, according to Kosolopenko.She wept as she described the family photos and the bible that had belonged to her husband's father.

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