A six-person JD(U) delegation, led by party leader Lalan Singh, visits Nagaland to assess the state of the national party.

A six-member delegation of senior JD(U) leaders visited Kohima, Nagalands capital, for a three-day trip . The Bihars ruling party is preparing for the Nagaland assembly elections .

PATNA: On Wednesday, a six-member delegation of senior JD(U) leaders, led by party national president Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh, visited Kohima, Nagaland's capital, for a three-day trip to visit various civil society organizations and discuss polling tactics with state leaders.The Bihars ruling party, after winning in the 2019 Arunachal Pradesh assembly polls and the 2022 Manipur assembly polls, is now preparing for the Nagaland assembly elections, which will be held in early 2023, with the aim of acquiring at least 6% of the vote collected in order to regain the status of a national party.The JD(U) has already gotten the status of a state party in Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur, and if it reaches at least 6% of the polled votes in Nagaland, it will claim the status of a state party in the fourth state.If a political party registered in at least four states or Union territories achieves the status of a national party, it will be entitled to the status of a national party under the election commissions act.

On Wednesday afternoon, the group, which included JD(U) national president Lalan Singh, party national general secretary Afaque Ahmad Khan and Harshvardhan Singh, two Lok Sabha members Kaushalendra Kumar (MP from Nalanda) and Ramprit Mandal (MP from Jhanjharpur), and party Rajya Sabha member-elect Aneel Prasad Hegde, landed at Dimapur airport.We arrived in Kohima by road from Dimapur, according to Afaque, who is also the JD(U) In-charge for the northeast states.The party workers of the respective zones treated the delegation with a warm welcome on arrival in Dimapur and Kohima, according to him.The delegation has also travelled to Nagaland to pay tribute to Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan, who had travelled the length and breadth of Naga regions as a member of a Peace Mission in the 1960s to capture Naga people's pulse and their political movement for independence.

The JD(U) believes that the Peace Mission, which was established by the Government of India and consisting of JP, Rev Michael Scott of England, and Bimla Chaliha, the then CM of Assam, continues to be relevant today.JP's history in Naga is remarkable, and JD(U) is committed to retaining this flame of pride for the Loknayak in the hearts of both the older and younger generations of Naga people, according to party general secretary Afaque.On Thursday, the delegation will visit the memorial to Angami Zapu Phizo, a veteran Naga leader.Afaque said on Wednesday evening that the delegation would meet with various Naga civil society organisations after that.