A stray dog is discovered dead after going missing from a shelter.

Dog was found burnt and with ribs broken with maggots . Four dogs from shelter went missing a few days earlier .

Nagpur, India: The city's inability to cope with the stray dog population is causing uncontrollable outbreaks of man-animal conflict.One of the four missing stray dogs from a shelter was discovered completely burnt and with its ribs broken on Friday.The dog was an inmate of an animal shelter in Hazaripahad that was being cared for by NGO Save Speechless Organization (SSO).The dog was saved by NGO volunteers in 2017 after being struck on a road in Katol naka.

Four dogs from the shelter went missing just a few days earlier.One of the missing dogs was discovered dead on Friday, being shot in the most brutal way possible, by NGO officials.The puppy was only 300 meters from our shelter when it was discovered.We could tell it even though the remains had completely darkened and were covered with maggots, according to SSO founder Smita Mire, who filed a police report and received a first information report (FIR) against an unknown individual at Gittikhadan police station.

Mire said that medical examiners told us that the dog was brutally beat up before being burnt.For the past few months, the NGO has been targeted by locals, according to her.We currently have about 150 dogs in our foster home that are being cared for.The happy dogs are released once they have recovered because we don't have the space to keep them in the house.

Since the stories of dogs assaulting people came to the fore, the NGO began to be threatened.Despite the fact that the dogs haven't done anything wrong, a group of locals has been putting pressure on us.The episode makes us feel as though it was a warning to us, according to Mire.The rising conflict between dogs and humans is being blamed on Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) and the district Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).We could have happily co-existed if taxpayer funds were properly used on animal birth control.

She also stressed the importance of having an appropriate animal health center.It's been more than two years since sterilization was not allowed.She said, We have limited space and we cant accommodate a lot of dogs.