A tale about two PMAY houses in Khargone: one was bulldozed, while the other was vandalised by a crowd.

Leela Bai Chhagan Lal, 60, lives in Khargone with her close relatives and works as a labourer . Leela Bai's house was geotagged five times, her main doors were rusted, and her window was missing .

This house is for sale in Khargone, Yah makan bikau hai (This house is for sale in blue ink.)This is scrawled on the wall of the single-storey house at Towerwali Gali at Sanjay Nagar.Leela Bai Chhagan Lal, 60, lives here with her close relatives and works as a labourer.If Hasina Fakhroos PMAY house was demolished by the government on April 11, Leela Bais was vandalised and beaten by a band the day before.

Leela Bai, who had worked as a domestic helper at a government farm and in a flagship scheme, saw the horrors of an urban neighborhood where community fault-lines have hardened and where even a We started with a plastic roof, then wood (kelu), then tiles, and finally a pucca roof.We had many ups and downs, but we kept improving this house, Leela Bai said.The house today has a PMAY-U stamp indicating that it was constructed similar to Hasinas under the Beneficiary Led Construction part of the scheme with a cost of Rs 2.5 lakh during 2017-18, according to a district administration official.Leela Bai said about the evening of April 10: We had gone to see the procession.

There was no daylight, electricity was disconnected, and houses were burning.We returned to our house three to four days later, as the curfew was lifted shortly after the clashes broke out.We proceeded to the police station.After 2015's communal riots, Leela Bais son, Pawan Kale, who works as a labourer in a store, left the village to a safer place.

Sangita Jadhav lives close by the lake and is about 1 km from his mother.She works as a bread laborer, and her partner, Ramesh Jadhav, is a driver.In the April 10 riots, Sangitas' single-story house was burnt down.Sangita broke down as he pointed to the charred rubble: hamne bade man se ye ghar banaya tha.

)Laxmi Muchhal lives next to Sangitas' house, where she was due to marry on April 14, four days after the violence.My brother had been given everything for my marriage by the rioters.They also looted the rations, gas canister, sofa, and TV.I am not sure how we will organize the wedding now because we don't have enough money, Laxmi said.

Thecounted at least eight other houses and shops in the same area as Laxmi, which bear the marks of arson.Seven of them have posted a notice of auction: yah makan bikau hai.These include a kirana shop and atta chakki operated by Santosh Mohan Singh Kumawat, who said his shop was burnt down.Parwati Natthu, whose family is relying on agriculture, has a bullock cart.

Choudhary, who joined duty last week, said that 180 people have been arrested in connection with the violence.