A teenager rapes a 15-year-old before fatally killing her.

Dheeraj Shende, 19, stabbed his 15-year-old mother to death in the forest . Shende was indignant over the girls involvement in a new relationship .

Nagpur, April 19, Dheeraj Shende, 19, stabbed his 15-year-old mother, a Std X student, to death in the forest adjacent to Salwa village in Kuhi taluka of Nagpur district, after raping her on Tuesday.He was indignant over the girl's involvement in a new relationship.Shende was arrested at the Mouda police station and later surrendered.On social media, Shende, a laborer, had befriended the minor about six months earlier.

Shende was spotted having an altercation with a minor's friend over the phone.The 19-year-old then invited the juvenile to speak with her about the issue.Shende, according to police, invited the child to ride with him after her tuition class in Mouda.After attending one class, the minor joined Shende.

Shende took her to various places before settling into a wooded area just outside Salwa village, where he assaulted her before provoking an altercation with her other friend.According to police, the argument escalated into an assault when the man brandished a knife to kill the teenager.The small inflicted some wounds on Shendes' knee before he bent the knife back and stabbed her repeatedly in the stomach and neck.Shende left the body in the forest before returning after she died.

When they learned that Shende, 15, had gone with him on his bicycle, cops and family members followed him.Shende came into the police station in the early hours of Wednesday to surrender.He followed the cops to the woods, where they were retrieved by Mouda police team, led by senior investigator Hemantkumar Kharabe.Shende was remanded to police custody for ten days by Kharabe, who is examining the case under the supervision of police superintendent Vijay Magar.