A tested technique for bringing up contented, successful kids

Dr. Saamdu Chetri is a Bhutanese founder of the Gross National Happiness Center Bhutan .

Dr. Saamdu Chetri, the founder of the Gross National Happiness Center Bhutan, is a big advocate for teaching your child the importance of right intention and right effort.These two principles will take your child a long way.Modern parenting is difficult because there are so many competitions, so prepare your child to compete with him and not with anyone else.They should be taught that by a young age, you should do one extra thing today to be better than yesterday.

From birth to 8 years A child should be reared like a princeprincess from the time they are born, up to 8 years.Pamper them, introduce them to important life skills, and make them feel valued and important.Read this article: What your child's teacher needs to know about school homework.From 9 years to 12 yearsThis is the age where parents should try to avoid all possible mistakes that can occur in their children's lives.

This is also the time for parents to involve the child in common problems.If you're arguing in front of the child, apologize to them in their absence, so they know that people can disagree but they decide to let go.They are coming to a whole new level by seeing you, and they are getting a lot from it.So lead by example.

Set boundaries.Have a win-win situation with the child, if necessary.Set conditions such that if the child does not do what was promised, they will not go on a holiday.Encourage them to work on their goals and put in extra effort, keeping in mind the end result.

Ask them to think about hypothetical questions and to come up with a possible solution.If you feel there is a better way to do it, guide them..article-middle-collage.new-stories-widgetpadding:10px; margin-top:16px; padding-bottom:30px .article-middle-collage.new-stories-widget h3.linkheadingfont:18px22px proxima-semibold, This is the only way to guarantee that they listen to you.Based on their upbringing so far, they return to normalcy after 16 years.