A tour of the Super Selects flagship showroom in Hyderabad

Super Select is the first Indian dealership to offer the best quality cars in India . The company has quickly become a favorite among the countrys car-loving population .

Super Selects grand state-of-the-art showroom, located on the famed Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, features premium interiors that compliment the splendor of the vehicles on display.The sheer number of luxurious and supercars on offer make one awestruck on first glance around the center.On my fingers, I saw more brands than I could count, and each one was in mint shape.Super Select has made their name on their dedication to excellence, but seeing it in person is a whole other experience.

The company has quickly become a favorite among the country's car-loving population and is soon expanding its activities.The company lives up to its name and only picks up the best quality cars on the market.The vehicles are accepted by the dealership only after they pass a 150-point inspection checklist, RTO, and service background checks.This is certainly the showroom for a lover of cars who wants to purchase and sell a luxury car of the highest quality.

The team's patience with which they select the right choice option and the flexibility with which they provide the best possible price and features according to the buyers' needs are commendable.This is what makes them stand out: two young people are at the forefront of the company's quest for the ultimate luxury automobiles and have encountered their finer points around the globe.The showroom's passion shines through in the way it operates, and it will also propel them to the top of their class.Super Selects' parent company-Kings Group Venture is a major player in the luxury car industry and directs global renowned car detailing stores such as Autowerks and Automechanica.

Since its introduction in 2020, the brand has sold over 150 luxurious pre-owned cars in this region.With their recent purchases made in Europe, Super Select has brought in collector pieces from the Ferrari world to India and made the market buzz, making Super Select the new go-to destination for F1 apparel and watches, as well as signed posters, literature, and articles about famous brands, books, and even branded watches.In addition, they recently acquired a high-end Ferrari race boat line-up, as well as a full range of lifetime collectibles in high-end automobile categories.This flagship showroom features not just the best of luxury cars, but it is also Super Selects first entry into the world of luxurious motorbikes, motorcycle accessories, and collectors memorabilia.