A woman gets a divorce because her husband is imprisoned.

Woman requested a divorce from her husband who was jailed in a murder case . She said he abused her after drinking alcohol and that her in-laws became slaves .

Ahmedabad: The woman, who lives with her son in Hudko village in Gandhinagar district, requested a divorce from her husband who was jailed in a murder case and would be unable to carry out marital duties in the future.In 2014, she said she married a man from Surendranagar district.She was dissatisfied with the husband's behavior and thinking.She said that when conflicts between them developed, the husband abused her after drinking alcohol, and that her in-laws became slaves as she suffered torture.

Since that time, he has been imprisoned in Mehsana, and a trial against him is ongoing.Six months after her husband was released from prison, she filed a divorce petition.The husband received a letter from the court, which he received in jail, but he refused to respond.After reviewing the petitioner's testimony, the court observed: It is clear that even after the help of others near and dear, the petitioner is unable to continue to work together; that his co-star (husband) is unable to fulfill his marital obligations as a result of his detention; and that there is no chance of reunion in the future because of opponents imprisonment.

Considering the young age of the parties, it appears that the divorce petition must be allowed for the better future of the petitioner (wife) and her child.