Abhimanyu by Anuja Chandramouli, a brief review

Anuja Chandramoulis has published Abhimanyu, a mytho-fiction book . The author retells the story of Abhimanyu from the perspective of the tragic prince .

Anuja Chandramoulis, a well-known Indian mytho-fiction writer, has published Abhimanyu, which was published in August 2022.This is the story of Arjunas son, Abhimanyu, as the name suggests.Chandramouli revisits the Mahabharata and tells the tale of Abhimanyu, an unfortunate prince who died young on the battleground of Kurukshetra after writing about Arjuna, the Pandava warrior prince.Although much is known about Abhimanyu's valiant fight against the Kauravas and his death on the thirteenth day of the war is unknown, his life before this is less well known.

In the process, the author emphasizes the little-known parts of Abhimanyus' extraordinary life and retells the epic Mahabharata from an Abhimanyus viewpoint.No matter how many times you revisit the Mahabharata, it always amazes readers as they discover a new interpretation of it each time.An example of this is reading Chandramoulis' account of the Abhimanyus story.The authors' moving storyline and straightforward writing style make it a captivating read.

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