According to Baghel, Shiv Sena MLAs were compelled to move to Assam.

Chhattisgarh Governor Anusuiya Uikey was in the running for NDA president . Before joining the BJP in 1998, Uikey was a prominent tribal leader .

Raipur, April 18: Governor Anusuiya Uikey was in the running for NDA president, but was shattered by her earlier affiliation with the Congress party, according to Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel.Draupadi Murmu, a tribal leader from Odisha, has been named as the NDA's presidential candidate.Before joining the BJP in 1998, Uikey, a prominent tribal leader, was a Congress MLA from Damua in Chhindwara MPs.In response to a query from reporters, Anusuiya Uikey ji, a Rajya Sabha member from 2006-12, was elected Governor of Chhattisgarh in July 2019, but she was also in the race for the position of President of India, Baghel said.In response to a press conference, the CM condemned the BJP for attempting to destabilize the Shiv-Sena-led MVA government in Maharashtra.

When they were in opposition, ED had brought charges against Narayan Rane, Himanta Biswa Sarma, and Mukul Roy, but it changed parties.All is safe when these people travel to BJP (today).Baghel said that the BJP aims to destabilize state governments where the opponent is at work and that they will go out to destabilize them in the same manner as in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.Even in Chhattisgarh, they use ED and IT, according to the Chhattisgarh CM, adding: Since Raman Singh's regime, illicit phone-tapping has been widespread in the region, with calls of their own party leaders, policemen, and journalists being intercepted.