According to PM Modi, exports are essential to the transformation of underdeveloped countries into developed nations.

PM Modi said that exports are essential to a countrys development . India exported a total of USD 670 billion or Rs 50 lakh crores last year .

New Delhi, India (India) June 23: Exports play a crucial role in transforming a developing country into a developed nation, besides providing employment opportunities, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who announced the new Vanijya Bhawan in New Delhi on Thursday.A lot has been achieved thanks to improved export policies, automation, and exporting to new markets.With a whole of government approach, every department, every ministry of the government is giving priority to expanding exports today.According to PM Modi, all are making joint efforts toward a common goal, whether it be the Ministry of MSME, Ministry of External Affairs, Agriculture, or Commerce.

Exports have soared manifold even from many aspirational districts.PM Modi said that exports are essential to a country's development, and that initiatives like Vocal for Local have also increased the country's exports by 55%.Despite global disruptions last year, India exported a total of USD 670 billion or Rs 50 lakh crores, according to PM Modi.In that spirit, he urged the exporters to set a short-term target but also a long-term goal, which would include a detailed blueprint for achieving the goal.On the Niryat portal, he said that information pertaining to more than 30 commodity groups exported to more than 200 countries of the world will be accessible.In the coming weeks, reports on district-wise exports will also be available.

We now have a modern platform under PM Gati Shakti's national master plan.Personally, he said that the government plans should give equal weight to all levels of growth and should address all levels of participation, without sacrificing Sabka Vikas or equality for all.Personally, he said that the advancements were already announced for the sake of political interest but that there was no promise about the completion of the projects.Modi said that this government has eliminated over 32,000 non-essential requirements from its website, which is vital in promoting the country's flexibility of doing business.He said that order value in the platform has increased from 9,000 crore to over 2,300 since it was established 4 years ago.Last year, he also discussed trade agreements with the UAE and Australia, and noted that there has been a lot of progress with other countries as well.He praised the Indian diplomatic organizations abroad for working hard to convert a particularly challenging environment into opportunities for India, he said.