According to RCP Singh, JD(U) and RJD will combine. He criticises Nitish Kumar for changing allegiances.

Former union minister RCP Singh recently resigned Janata Dal (United) Chief Minister Nitish Kumar slammed Singh for repeatedly merging alliances . Singh said he would fly across Bihar and make the call about whether or not he would join the BJP .

Chapra (Bihar), (India), August 18: RCP Singh, a former JD(U) chief, slammed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Thursday for repeatedly merging alliances, saying that Janata Dal (United) will merge with Lalu Prasad Yadav-led Rashtriya Janata Dal in the near future, adding that the Bihar youth must band together to free the State from the tense alliance between When asked if JD(U) will merge with the RJD, he said, What option do they have?It is certainly true that JD(U) will merge with RJD.It is the time of the year that the Bihar youth team up to free the state from the contradicted relationship between the two groups and save the city from destruction, he said.With my resignation from the party, the countdown to JD(U) has begun.

Singh, who resigned from the JD(U) earlier this month, said he would fly across Bihar and make the call about whether or not he would join the BJP.I have been called by staff.After consulting with staff, I will travel across Bihar, and a decision will be made, according to the former JD(U) chief.Nitish Kumar had earlier slammed former union minister RCP Singh, who recently resigned Janata Dal (United), saying he had messed up a lot because the party gave him responsible positions.Unhone Bahaut gadbad kiya (he messed up a lot).

In 2020, I gave him my seat as party chairman.These were significant roles that were not held until recently.We all expressed our admiration for him.We encouraged him to resign the party chief position and give it to Lalan ji as he became a Minister at the Centre.

RCP Singh and his family had been amassing vast immovable property from 2013 to 2022, and that many contradictions have emerged.Kumar, who resigned as Chief Minister earlier this month after forming links with RJD, said that he assured them that they should have four JD-U ministers in the central government, but that goal was not fulfilled.I asked for four ministers from our organisation.Kumar said that they refused to answer the BJP's allies.When asked about the cause for breaking the alliance, Nitish Kumar fired at the party's former ally.

BJP supporters continued to endorse winning candidates even during polls, while losing candidates admitted to being deposed by the opposition.According to Kumar, I had to keep my party safe and act as per people's need.