According to reports, Angelina Jolie rejected Johnny Depp's advances because of his purportedly foul breath.

Angelina Jolie refused to kiss Johnny Depp in The Tourist at first because of his bad breath . The actor encouraged him to use mouthwash to prevent bad breath ruining a good day .

Kissing is the first step when it comes to physical contact, but doing it properly is also crucial.Many people are under the impression that maintaining your oral hygiene is essential, and that bad breath can ruin a good day for you.Angelina Jolie was unable to kiss Johnny Depp when they were filming The Tourist due to her bad breath.There are a few things that must be kept in mind when dealing with such a situation in real life.

According to a Twitter user, Jolie didn't want to kiss Depp until he used a mouthwash.According to an insider, Angelina Jolie refused to kiss Johnny Depp in The Tourist at first because of his bad breath and poor personal hygiene.The actor encouraged him to use mouthwash.Here are a few ways to avoid being kiss ready and winning the heart of your spouse by mastering that perfect kiss.

Your odour makes a huge difference, and in many cases has even destroyed friendships.Bad washing is not good for anyone.There is a lot of stuff on the market today.Be it mints or moth freshening sprays in various flavors or even mouth fresheners, there are some that you will like.

To avoid this problem, peel them off yourself and drink enough water.Lip balm Keep a lip balm handy, and it can also be flavoured to improve the overall experience.It's like a pre-kiss touch-up.Keep your mouth relaxed Not many people know this, but it's important to enjoy the kiss, and it can only be achieved when your mouth is relaxed.

If you have doubts, consult with your partner.Both partners enjoy a good kiss, and one partner cannot simply enjoy it.Also see: Zodiacs that will face financial difficulties in the coming months.Read also: Confessions of divorced women.