According to Sadhguru, a human being has limitless potential.

The five-day leadership course began at the Isha Foundation in Poondi . Venkatesh Prasad said in turbulent period, strong performers at work should be supported .

On Friday, COIMBATORE: Human Is Not A Grat, a three-day leadership course offered by Isha Leadership Academy, began at the Isha Foundation in Poondi.The 5th edition of the course is being offered by human resource specialists, innovators, chief experience officers, and business leaders from around the world.It begins with a brief introduction video by Sadhguru, who gives the program a brief introduction.A human being is not a commodity; a human being is a possibility.

What an individual human being will become, he said, is in essence dependent on whether we are able to anticipate this development or not.Former cricketer Venkatesh Prasad said that in a turbulent period, strong performers at work should be supported.You give someone that has excelled in the past and is in a bad state, like Kohli today, because they have earned it.You need to give them a long rope, but not for others.

He compared the West Indies, which was once a mighty cricket team, to Australia.According to him, the West Indies ignored the procedure while Australia invested in it, and the similarities are visible to everyone.