According to the CIC, 1,675 RTI complaints are resolved each month.

The commission is settling 1,675 cases per month . The commission is settling 1,675 cases per month .

Jaipur, Jan. 24: Cases relating to the Right to Information (RTI) are being swiftly settled into special court camps in the state, according to chief information commissioner (CIC) D B Gupta on Saturday.The commission is settling 1,675 cases per month.In the new system, applicants will be able to register their case online.In addition, all of the commission's correspondence is now being sent via the speed post, according to Gupta, who was speaking at a special camp in Jaipur on Saturday.

In the coming days, he said, appeals and complaints will be dealt with by organising camps at the divisional level as well.In the special court camp in the commission's halls on Saturday, Gupta addressed issues relating to JMC Greater and Heritage.According to CIC, there are 656 lawsuits involving both the firms present, out of which 65 cases have been heard in the court and the remaining cases will be heard on May 28.The commission also introduced a system of taking complaints online, which is obviously increasing, but the general public is also receiving a lot of help.