According to the opposition leader for Vadodara Municipal Corporation, roads require immediate maintenance.

Opposition Congress in Vadodara Municipal Corporation urges road to be rebuilt . Road from Vadodara station to Shastri bridge to Shastri bridge is in a very bad shape .

VADODARA, Vadodara – The opposition Congress in the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has urged that the road from Vadodara station to Shastri bridge be rebuilt at the very least.The bullet train project required a lot of work on the road.Ami Ravat, the leader of the opposition in the VMCs elected wing, said that the road was being handed over for the bullet train project, but that the VMC still had the right to drive and use it.The road, she said, connects several parts to the train station, as well as the state transport bus depot and the city bus stand.

Manholes on the highway were not level with the road and were brimming with potholes, she claimed.The road's surface was also uneven, she said.She said that the National High Speed Rail Corporation Ltd should be contacted to fix the road.Ravat also pointed out that the condition of the road from Shastri bridge to Chhani Jakatnaka was also bad after it was weakened due to maintenance work carried out on several service lines and other projects.

The letter also notes that the ongoing work on the flyover from Genda Circle to Manisha Crossroads has caused traffic chaos because the service road was in a dangerous state.According to the article, barricades were erected to house the equipment for the flyover over the entire length of the road.