Activists say they will continue to protest as the Uttarakhand HC approves the road widening

Campaigners say they are ready to keep fighting for the trees to be saved . The road widening project was meant to expedite travel from Doon to Mussoorie .

DEHRADUN: Green campaigners said they are ready to keep fighting for the trees to be saved after Uttarakhand's high court approved the felling of about 2,000 trees for the widening of the 14-kilometer Jogiwala-Pacific Golf Estate Road in Sahastradhara.We are waiting for a written court order, activist Ashish Garg, who received a warning from the HC on the road widening a month earlier.We will continue to study it thoroughly and then decide the next step.In any case, we are prepared to go further and involve all authorities.

The initiative, which authorities said was meant to expedite travel from Doon to Mussoorie, has sparked similar reactions.Garg said he felt activists weren't heard at all, that their ideas weren't taken to reach a compromise.We dont want to obstruct the road widening.In fact, the PWD had initially accepted our suggestion to preserve trees on the footpaths.

Nonetheless, animals such as owls, hornbills, etc.will lose their habitats as a result.We will be uprooting a wildlife habitat and endangering the Doon valley's ecology.According to him, it is one of the last green covers left in the region.

If parking lots are left unmanned, electrical poles, and other obstructions are eliminated, space will open, allowing for smooth traffic flow.There are also alternate routes through Tapovan and Maldevta, where visitors can enjoy the scenery while not getting stuck in traffic.Tourists in all other cities bypass towns.Why does Doon need to force tourists to travel right through the center of the city?

The project, which was announced in September, was funded with Rs 77 crore from the Central Roads Fund (CRF).Since then, residents and protesters have consistently protested against the plan, assembling at the site, starting online petitions, launching tweet storms, and suggesting alternate routes.