Activists want the border protection panel to be reconstituted.

The Karnataka Border Protection Commission (KBPC) was established in 2015 by the Siddaramaiah government . Two of the members of the commission have died and the other two are suffering from age-related ailments .

Belagavi: The Karnataka Border Protection Commission (KBPC), which was established in 2015 to look at problems concerning the states' frontier zones, has since retired.The KBPC was established in 2015 by the Siddaramaiah government, which included the chairman, but two of them died and the other two are suffering from age-related ailments.Justice VS Malimath was the first chairman of the KBPC, and the commission was given the power to look at legal questions relating to border zones as well as infrastructure development in poor areas.He was a regular performer, but sadly, he died in 2016.

He only visited Belagavi once in his four years, primarily as a guest at a private function.In 2018, he resigned from the KBPC.Justice KL Manjunath, a retired judge at the High Court, assumed the burden later on.Justice KL Manjunath's death has come almost four months.

In contrast, the Maharashtra government strengthened the task force to follow up on the Supreme Court's case about the Karnataka-Maharashtra border dispute, which included retired judge Jinadatta Desai, 90, and senior advocate SM Kulkarni, 83.A six-member committee has been created by Uddhav Thackerey, which is headed by cabinet minister Jayant Patil.Politians in Kartaka must learn from the public representatives of their state, particularly their spirit and dedication to the land and language.I personally met chief minister Basavaraj Bommai four times and pleaded with him to resurrect KBPC, but in vain.

We want the government to rebuild the KBPC as soon as possible and relocate its office to the Suvarna Vidhana Soudha, he said.He also requested that the commission name a chairman who is kind and knowledgeable about border areas and border disputes.