Afghan government offers to reconstruct the destroyed Kabul gurdwara and asks Sikhs and Hindus to remain.

Taliban government has sent appeal to displaced Sikh and Hindu minorities to leave Afghanistan . Taliban government pledges to provide them with adequate protection and rebuild Kabul gurdwara .

Amritsar: After speaking with Afghan industry and commerce ministry spokesperson Maulana Zaheer, the Taliban government has sent an appeal to the displaced Sikh and Hindu minorities to leave Afghanistan, pledging to provide them with adequate protection and also rebuild the deteriorating Kabul gurdwara, the spokesperson said it would be a disgrace for Afghanistan if the remaining Sikh and Hindu minorities migrate from the country.The Afghan government has promised to rebuild Gurdwara Dashmesh Pita Guru Gobind Singh, Kart-e-Parwan, in Kabul, where a terrorist attack on June 18 killed two people, including a Sikh devotee.The delegation also met with gurdwara president Gurnam Singh and Hindu temple Asamais chief caretaker Ram Sharan.Salaria said, When asked why the Sikh and Hindu shrines were attacked, Zaheer said that suicide bombers targeted even the mosques, but that the Afghan government will do everything possible to discourage Sikh and Hindu migration to India.

Nevertheless, they want the Afghan government to ensure their safety, and they have also requested that the Indian government keep the diplomatic channels open for their protection.hE ADDED THAT PCT has ALSO started clearing the gurdwara ground.