After a confrontation between two parties in Neemuch, prohibition orders were issued.

A clash broke out between two groups over installation of a Lord Hanuman idol on a government property . The incident occurred in Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh .

Indore: Officials said that prohibitory orders under section 144 were enforced in Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh late Monday night during a clash between two groups over the installation of a Lord Hanuman idol on a 5,000 sq ft government property near a dargah in the Old Kachahri district, causing police to intervene.Verma said that as the two groups worked to figure out the situation, unidentified individuals pelted stones in the area leading to the clash.Three to four motorcycles and a cooler were set on fire, and police had to use lathi charges and tear-gas to disperse the crowd and bring the situation under control.Authorities are keeping a close eye on the situation with the help of drones and CCTVs.

Unidentified individuals have also been sent five FIRs, one for allegedly harming a religious place.According to Verma, ten people have been arrested in connection with the violence incident.According to the district collector, a 23-year-old boy sustained a minor injury to his nose during the brawl and was rushed to a hospital for medical attention.Collector Mayank Agrawal reported that the conditions have been patched up, and that the situation is peaceful and under surveillance.CrPC section 144 has now applied to Neem, and that the gathering of five or more people at a location is prohibited.