After a contentious pool rule change, a French city approves a Muslim swimsuit.

French swimming pool ban seen as symbol of creeping Islamism by critics . Right-wingers and some feminists endorse the initiative .

Grenoble, France: The practice of wearing the so-called burkini by Muslim women in state-run swimming pools has been seen as a symbol of creeping Islamism by critics and a repulsive measure by some right-wingers and some feminists, who also endorse the initiative, according to producer RMC, who has also suggested a local referendum.You have no rights because you were not elected for that, he said.The burkini has been the subject of national debates for years, sparking French talk shows and the political class in France, where it was announced that Decathlon would soon introduce a sports hijab that allowed Muslim women to cover their hair while playing.The French Football Federation also announced a law challenge to the Burkini ban in November last year.