After women were assaulted in a restaurant, a Chinese city lost its civilised status.

Tangshan city stripped of its status of civilized city . The city was attacked by a group of men in June after a woman was attacked .

Beijing: After being stripped of its honorary civilized status by a group of men assaulting four women outside a restaurant in China recently, the Tangshan city was taken from its status.The assault on the women sparked public outrage, with many requesting revenge.On June 10, footage from barbecue restaurants cameras showed a man slapping and pulling a woman to the street by her hair after she seemed to decline his advances.Officials said two of the women were hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), while police said they had arrested nine men involved in the assault.The incident, which was captured on CCTV, rekindled a national debate on violence against women in China.

The committee's decision is the latest in a series of public reactions to the assault and the outrage that ensued online.Following the assault, the Hebei provincial security authority opened a probe and investigation into the Tangshan police bureaus' response to the attack on Tuesday.