Agnipath scheme: On Monday, Congress protested throughout Rajasthan

Congress will hold demonstrations against the Centres Agnipath scheme . Govind Singh Dotasra said that the Centres model was mismanaged .

On June 27, the Congress will hold demonstrations across the state against the Centres Agnipath scheme.The Congress is with the youths who oppose this plan.Govind Singh Dotasra, the governor of the state party, told reporters here that we would do our best to ensure that the voice of youths protesting against the Agnipath policy reaches the country's Prime Minister and home minister.He said that Congress will convene in the entirety of the state and each Assembly constituency on June 27.

He said that the youths who voted twice to form the NDA government at the Centre are being cheated.According to him, the Narendra Modi government at the Centre is planning how to recruit qualified unemployed youth for a handful of industrialists.While politics and the army are being weakened, he said the youth's needs are being ignored.