Ahmedabad: Record-breaking salaries for IT and computer engineering graduates

Average salaries in computer science and engineering engineering have reached 45-60 percent . Tech grads earn more money because of hybrid of technology and soft skills .

AHMEDABAD: It's the end of the computing and information technology engineering season, with average salaries in the last two years reaching a record 45-60 percent among major universities.Experts say the northward trend in salary packages, which coincided with the Covid pandemic due to the shift to a tech-driven industry, will persist for a while due to a strong demand in traditional and emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, etc.At Nirma University, the highest pay package for computer engineering students is Rs 87.5 lakh per annum, an all-time high.At DAIICT, the most expensive internship was Rs 82 lakh per annum, again the highest for the college.

Prof. Madhuri Bhavsar, HOD of Nirma University's computer department, said that the grads earned a lot more money because of a hybrid of technology and soft skills.Data science has gained a lot of buzz lately.Prof Madhuri Bhavsar, professor of computer science at Nirma University, said that industry demand is pushing the envelope.According to the placement records, 357 applications were made to 273 students who applied for jobs.

This is the highest-ever rate.In two years, the average cost has increased from Rs 14.12 lakh to Rs 24.54 lakh per annum.Google, Microsoft, Sprinklr, and D.E.Shaw were among the companies putting their students on the placement site on Zero Day, up from the previous couple of years, with a significant number of students being accepted, he said.

With average salary up by over 50% in two years, Vinod Patel, placement officer at LD Engineering, said that companies like Microsoft and Amazon have participated in this year's placement.In the past few years, the employment market in ITeS firms has been largely stagnant.Fresh graduates tend to remain with the organization for a long time, and they have a greater passion for learning new technologies, according to Nitesh Lohar, CEO of a city-based IT firm.Overall, a good mix of young talent with learning aspirations, coached by experienced team leaders, proves to be both cost-effective and fulfilling for the services firms.

According to Tejinder Oberoi, chairman of the GESIA IT Association, the average fresher package was about Rs 4 lakh in a mid-level firm, and now it has reached Rs 6-7 lakh, and good students now receive offers of more than Rs 10 lakh per annum.