Akhilesh criticises the BJP for its Tiranga Yatra campaign

Akhilesh Yadav said the BJP has never paid any respect to the tricolour . He said the BJP never cares about the well-being of the people, particularly the poor .

Lucknow (India): Akhilesh Yadav, the head of the Samajwadi Party, said on Friday that BJP might instigate riots when taking out Tiranga Yatras ahead of the Independence Day, citing 2018 violence in Kasganj as a case in point.Akhilesh said the BJP has never paid any respect to the tricolour, and that it was the Samajwadi Party government that carried the largest Indian flag on the latters birth anniversary in Lucknow on Friday morning, when he paid floral tributes to the statue of Janeshwar Mishra in the park named after the socialist leader.RSS and BJP, on the other hand, are one and the same, and people should not forget that they are one and the same.According to the former UP CM, we have hoisted the tricolour on the tallest mast that is installed in this park.He said, however, that he did not stop here; he expressed fears that the BJP could cause riots during the Trigana Yatra, as it did in Kasganj in the past.

They've always done that.They have deceived backwards, Dalits, and in particular Muslims.The BJP also indulges in divisive politics.He said that when SP comes to power, we'll have a caste census done.

With the introduction of the BJP in the government, prices of essential goods skyrocket.Food prices are at a new height today.Milk, curd, and ghee were never taxed before, but the BJP government slapped GST and increased prices of these commodities even more.In a world where a maximum number of cases of digital bribery are reported, he said such promises would be hollow promises.

According to him, the government should report the number of jobs it has offered under the Agniveer scheme.He said law and order has been tossed aside, and that the government's commitment to development projects was shown by the quality of construction of the Bundelkhand Expressway.According to Akhilesh, portions of the expressway were washed in the first rain of the monsoon itself.