Algal bloom: DK supplied samples for examination.

A team of researchers has inspected several places in Dakshina Kannada district to take samples . Officials suspect it is an algal bloom, which is common during the monsoon season .

Mangaluru (Mangaluru): With many beaches turning green, a team of researchers has inspected several places in Dakshina Kannada district to take samples.On Saturday, Deputy Commissioner KV Rajendra told reporters that a team of experts from the Dakshina Kannada Disaster Management Authority, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Coastal Regulation Zone, MRPL, and Mangaluru Special Economic Zone have inspected the district.The samples will be submitted to the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).It seems to be an algal bloom, according to his statement, and a copy of the report will be sent to the administration.

Because of the high winds and waves, there will be a churning effect, where sediments at the bottom rise, and when they are exposed to sunlight, there will be algal bloom.This is a normal phenomenon in the pre-monsoon period.However, KSPCB has collected a sample for testing of oil and grease.Algal blooms (HABs) that cause harm are feared to effect marine species, particularly bivalve mollusks and some species of fish.

Sea bass found dead Several sea bass fish that were part of cage farming efforts in the Phalguni River in Tannirbhavi and Bangrakulur regions were discovered dead on Saturday.Farmers suspect that the contaminated water causes fish deaths.A fisherman named Royce DSouza said he lost at least 45 fish worth about 2.5 kg each.It is sad that they have died when it is time for harvest, he said.

The issue will be brought to the attention of the KSPCB, according to a fisheries official.