Amazing Supercell Thunderstorm Seen in Viral Video Passing Over Canada Town

Storm chaser captured the video on Monday night in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada . Video shows a supercell thunderstorm pouring rain on farmland in southwest Saskatchewan .

On the internet, a timelapse video showing a large supercell thunderstorm pouring rain on farmland in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada, has gone viral.Ms Hagan, a storm chaser, posted the photo on Twitter on Monday, claiming to have caught the footage at sunset near the town of Cantuar, which was under a thunderstorm warning at the time.Under an agreement with Ms Hagan, Storyful has released the video.A supercell is a strong, persistent rotating updraft.

Ms Hagan's 24-second video has been watched more than 34,000 times.It has enthralled Twitter followers, who have lauded the storm chaser.That is truly great work by you and Mother Nature, a Twitter user said.Saskatchewan is a state of the living skies, according to one commentator.

And, well, a little creepy.On social media, photos of these natural phenomena are largely shared.Theresa Birgin Lucus told KVRR that a woman in the United States photographed an incredible cloud formation that seemed to look like an ocean in the atmosphere a few days ago.After a long week in Rochester, she travelled toward the town of Bemidji in Minnesota.

But Ms Lucus' daughter saw it and said how cool it was.The photo went viral on social media after she uploaded it, and it went viral.